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Arris TM502G Modem Detail

The following battery is compatible with the Arris TM502G modem:

Arris TM5 Battery Back-Up

Arris TM5 Battery Back-Up


Arris TM802 Modem Detail

The following battery is compatible with the Arris TM802 modem:

Arris TM8 Battery Back-Up

Arris TM8 Battery Back-Up


Optimum Accessories

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Optimum Voice Battery Back-Up

This valuable accessory provides uninterrupted voice service including emergency 911 services during a power failure. When electrical power is not available, the modem will automatically switch to the battery back-up for power. When electrical power is restored, the modem will switch back to electrical power and the battery back-up will recharge right in the modem. No intervention is required.

Important: The battery backup does not provide power to a cordless phone. To ensure uninterrupted service during a power outage connect a standard "wired" phone directly to the back of the modem.
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